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Off Label Recently Performed at Plugged In Band Benefit

January 17, 2019

Off Label is thrilled to have recently performed as part of Mom's and Dad's Rock... a Plugged In Band benefit. 


If you aren't familiar with Plugged In Band, it's an amazing organization with a dual focus to give young people a venue through which they can channel their creativity, learn to work in a group, and improve their music skills while learning about the value and importance of social activism.  So many young people have no outlet for their enthusiasm and creative energy. Plugged In provides nurturing and support in an environment built on mutual respect and understanding.  Through performances students gain the confidence and learn the skills necessary to use their music to give back to the community. 

Here's just one student story...

"At 11 years old, I had music in my heart, and I wanted that music to reach people. Plugged In was the perfect opportunity for me.  The program allowed me to express myself, and channeled my energy towards good causes at every benefit concert. 

I learned so much about those causes and the social issues behind them, about music, about working creatively as part of a team, and about myself. Plugged In showed me my own voice. I joined up as a vocalist and keyboard player, and ended up dabbling in guitar.

At 14, I had written ten original songs (some of which touched on war, genocide, and gay rights) and recorded them in a studio recommended by Tom and Sandra. I overcame stage fright, and found I could talk spontaneously and perform in front of large groups of people. I became a much more outgoing person, comfortable with myself, and confident in myself. 

Now, I’m a sophomore at Smith College and I’m working for a socially conscious organization. Music has been pushed to the back burner, for now…but I’m still finding the time to teach myself accordion."


Off Label's Shira Doron on the Unlikely Confluence of the Medical and Rock and Roll Worlds

August 09, 2017

Off Label's Shira Doron explains how a group of Boston doctor's (and one high-tech exec) combine their love of music and their careers to spread good vibes throughout the Boston area.  In the medical world, the term "off label" means when a drug is prescribed for a condition other than that for which it has been officially approved.  For the band Off Label, music is the connective tissue among its five members and a therapeutic "off label" drug which can improve physical and mental health.  

Heart patient shines on sax with Off Label

September 07, 2016

An ICU heart patient named Marty Phillips joined Off Label at the Tufts Medical Center employee appreciation BBQ to play some mean sax. Phillips, who currently relies on machines to pump blood that his heart no longer can, tells WCVB-TV 5 that his lungs are just fine, as the video clearly shows. Read more about this and other news...

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