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Off Label is a Boston-based band made up mostly of medical professionals, and those with honorary doctoral degrees in laying down funky grooves and beats. Although we maintain different careers by day, we're keeping the rock star dream alive as we deliver a high-energy performance that will keep you on your feet and singing along with all the songs you know by heart.  We play an eclectic mix of uniquely-improvised, face melting, rock and roll music spanning from R&B, funk/soul, 60's classic rock, 70's arena anthems, 80's pop hits, 90's alt-rock, aughts retro soul to today's top hits.  


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Tony Callini


Although Tony grew up playing drums with dreams of being the next Tommy Lee, he hung up his sticks after college in pursuit of a "real job" as a finance professional.  One day while tapping rhythmically on a calculator, Tony had an epiphany and set off to return to his true calling. After much hard work and intense focus, he earned his doctorate in infectious beats, and has been spreading funky grooves like a disease ever since.  Tony has had a variety of musical influences, including Phish, The Allman Brothers, Strangefolk, Jamiroquai, Miles Davis, Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder and the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  

Shira Doron

Lead Vocals

An infectious disease doctor by day, and funkalicious diva by night, Shira Doron is the lead vocalist and founder of Off Label.  Originally hailing from New Jersey by way of Smith College, she's played in rock, soul and funk bands all over the Northeast stretching her talents from the soulful Amy Winehouse to the angsty Alanis Morrisette to arena rock god Robert Plant.  Shira gives the audience a high-dose injection of booty-shaking fun at every show.

Roger Fielding

Guitar & Bass

Known for being the wild guy with the calm exterior, Roger Fielding pulls double duty as both bassist and featured guitarist for Off Label. Roger can both lay down the rock steady bass groove and shred a solo on his Start. He's is a real-life mad scientist who's the director of the Exercise, Physiology and Sarcopenia research lab at Tufts Medical Center and travels around the globe sharing his latest research.  Roger counts Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Steve Ray and Albert King as role models and can always be counted on turning his guitar solo's to 11. 

Binny Shah

Saxaphone and Keyboards

Cardiologist Binny Shah first entered the doc rock scene as a sax player for The Dysrhythmics in 2010. Branded by bandmates and fans as “Notorious B.I.N.”, Binny's a double threat who can wail on the sax and channel his inner Piano Man on keys.... often on the same song.  Look for the Kickstarter campaign to buy Binny and a prosthetic third arm so he can solo on both keys and sax at the same time.  Binny's sweet spot lies in the synth heavy 80's where he can throw on the skinny tie and jam to Human League, Simple Minds and INXS.

Dan Wiener

Guitar & Vocals

Dr. Dan Wiener lays down the funk that won't stop.  When Dan's not ripping off face melting solo's on the guitar, he's saving lives as a thoracic surgeon.  Originally from New Jersey, Dan came to Boston via Dartmouth University and now calls Brigham and Women's Hospital home. Known as the Wizard of the Wah Pedal, Dan' puts the Fun in Funk.  The doctor by day, rock star by night counts Derek Trucks, Gary Clark, Jr., Jason Isbell and Dan Auerbach as his guitar influences.  

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In Memoriam

Mike Davidson - Guitar
1971 - 2015
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